:: We seek practitioners committed to deep growth and learning. As well as those practiced in liberatory practices and embodied awareness of the impacts of oppression, privilege, and power on themselves and our society. It is important to us that practitioners are flexible, present, and value social change. We want to uphold internal reflection/awareness, and  conscious shifting of power in the spaces we hold. If this matches or aligns with you and your work please consider volunteering with us!

We will prioritize people willing and able to commit for 2 or more clinics because we are community oriented. We feel that people are more invested in this work through relationship and connection. We're aiming to create a community of practitioners guided by values/visions of more just, conscious, and inclusive healing arts spaces. ::


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you must attend at least one of these before volunteering.

If you are interested in being a practitioner but cannot make the next orientation, fill out the form below anyway and we will inform you of the next one!

you will receive details on how the clinic will work, logistics, and we will address any potential questions

center.space.relief clinic dates

each session will have a 1 hr session + 45-1 hr debrief

please arrive at least 5 minutes early to be prepared for your session

* every 2nd thursday of every month *

session 1

  • 8 am - 9 am (clients) // 7:55 am - 10 am (practitioners)

session 2

  • 12 pm  - 1 pm (clients) // 11:55 am - 2 pm (practitioners)