The Scholarship

How will the money be allocated?

We plan to use the majority of funds from registration towards a BIPOC scholarship fund at IPSB at life energy. Our vision for this scholarship is to support BIPOC healers in their journey. We hope to create more accessible avenues of study for Craniosacral, Polarity, and Integrative Bodywork modalities. Anything that is donated to this clinic will be used to support the clinic operational costs and the rest will go to the scholarship fund.

> Current operating costs are: $50 /month

About IPSB at Life Energy Institute School

We are currently working with the organizational staff at IPSB providing in-service training and support. Our goal is to not only do what we can to make these studies accessible for BIPOC, but also support teachers and staff to hold space for them with cultural relevancy and humility.

"IPSB at life energy institute's mission is to train sensitive, self-aware bodyworkers who use creativity and self-knowledge to transform basic skills into an artistic form that deeply touches the lives of others."

How will the money be distributed?

More specific scholarship distribution information will be announced when we receive resources from the first clinics. The number of scholarships available will depend on the funds we receive.

We will be providing scholarships for one introductory Craniosacral/Polarity class. Students will have the choice to take one of the following:

  • Craniosacral 1 (value $420)
  • Polarity 1 (value $280)
  • Holding Space (value $280)

>> IPSB will match all donations, which will provide 50% of the cost of each class.

as the clinic grows, we plan to extend the scholarship to more classes, and ultimately full programs.

How to Apply

To apply, email a letter to answering the following questions as completely as possible. We will select scholarship candidates based on the answers:

  • Who are you? What drives you?
  • Tell us a little bit about you and your current work.
  • What do plan on doing with the skills you acquire?
  • Include a few reasons about why you're interested.