Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a group of practitioners who desire to be of service through our diverse modalities (craniosacral, polarity, systemic constellations, etc...), with the intention to explore and restore the channels of vitality that are undermined by systemic oppression, normalization, and marginalization, as well as redirecting funds towards organizations that honor the integrity of and expand communities.

Our Mission

Our goal is to hold space with those that have a vision for a society that orients towards abundance, joy, aliveness, presence, care, and connection. We think it should be normal for people to move through their unconscious wounding in a supported way, and for healing arts communities to support cultural repair. We aim to explore an abundance of ways to be with one another, be accountable to each other, allow for change, connect across differences, and build something that really works for everyone, where the existing dominant hierarchical paradigms are replaced with open group communication and equity.

What We Do

We are holding a monthly online clinic working towards benefiting Black liberation in multiple ways:

  • offering sessions and holding space for people who need therapeutic energy bodywork and care about supporting community
  • offering sessions and holding space for people involved in the frontlines of social justice* work
  • offering a space for practitioners to volunteer their services to the community, in alignment with our mission
  • directing the funds gathered through the clinic to a scholarship benefiting BIPOC who wish to attend IPSB/LEI school of Polarity Therapy to train in therapeutic energy bodywork

*some examples of frontline work (many more not listed:) attending protests, organizing events, creating content, impacting culture and pop culture, gathering data, teaching classes, anything from logistical and background work to public speaking, also for and with focus on Black Indigenous People of Color*